Psychological and Risk Assessments

  • Assessment of risk of future sexual offending (e.g. RSVP).
  • Assessment of risk of future non-sexual offending including arson (e.g. HCR-20 version 3).
  • Risk assessment where a sexual offender denies their offence.
  • Offending behaviour programme suitability.
  • Cognitive functioning (e.g. WAIS-IV; WISC-V).
  • Suggestibility/compliance (e.g. GSS).
  • Fitness to plead and mental capacity.
  • Domestic violence risk assessment (SARA).
  • Psychopathy or personality assessment (e.g. PCL-SV, SCID-II, IPDE)
  • Violent Extremism Risk Assessment (VERA2)
  • Autistic Spectrum Condition (ADOS2)
  • Risk of harmful sexual behaviour in children (AIM3)
  • Assessment of ADHD in children and adults (e.g. ACE and ACE+).


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