Dr Sara Northey has been working in the field of forensic psychology for a number of years.

During that time she has completed numerous medico-legal reports and psychological assessments. Her work is comprehensive, thorough and efficient. Dr Northey is knowledgeable and well informed regarding the latest research and developments within her field of expertise.

Dr Northey has always been fascinated by the criminal mind and the motivation behind risky behaviours. She began her studies by completing a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology, exploring empathy in young people at risk of offending. She then studied for her PhD at the University of Surrey, investigating whether engagement in therapeutic communities was effective in treating male offenders who had a diagnosis of personality disorder.

Dr Northey has gone on to work in secure psychiatric hospitals with both males and females and is currently working with Youth Justice Services. She particularly enjoys working with young people who have committed offences, or are at risk of offending, providing comprehensive mental health assessments and therapeutic intervention.

In this role Dr Northey has been developing a special interest in the impact of adverse childhood experiences on developmental trauma and attachment difficulties.

Dr Northey is based in West Sussex but travels throughout the country during the course of her assessments and appearances at Court and Prison Parole Board hearings.

She has expertise in preparing comprehensive written reports and presenting oral testimony in a variety of legal settings.


November 2017 – Gudjonsson Suggestibility and Compliance Scales training with Psychology Services Ltd

28th and 29th November 2018 – Violent Extremism Risk Assessment (VERA-2)

4th Dec 2018 – ACE and ACE+ training with Psychology Services Ltd

30th Sept 2019 – Neuropsychology: Cognitive Assessments (BPS)


Trained in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
Personality disorder
Risk of sexual and violent offending
Complex trauma
Court Process (Preparing reports & providing oral testimony)


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